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Robert A.

I bought this because because while boating last year one of our gets lost there keys off the dock. If I would have had this I could have picked up a Volkswagen. I can not believe how strong this magnet is, it truly is the strongest magnet you will ever own. now while on the river this year I will be trolling for metal object on the bottom.

Jennifer S.

These magnets are just like promised. Nice looking and tough. They do exactly what I bought them to do - hold up my oven mitts on the side of my fridge. However, I know they can do much more as they are difficult to pull off! I keep looking around my house for other places where they will come in handy.

Sarah H.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a powerful magnet, just be careful, as it's VERY easy for it to stick to anything magnetic in its vicinity.