Global Magnet Fishing Day!


Catch Adventure (and More!) on Global Magnet Fishing Day!

Get ready for Global Magnet Fishing Day! This thrilling event brings magnet fishing enthusiasts together from around the world. On July 15-16, join us in celebrating the wonders beneath the water's surface, while promoting responsible practices and preserving our waterways.

Preserving Our Waterways 

Global Magnet Fishing Day emphasizes the importance of keeping our waterways clean. We believe in a respectful balance between our hobby and the ecosystems we explore. By participating, you support efforts to maintain a clean environment. 

Joining a Worldwide Community

Connect with a global community of like-minded enthusiasts. Share your passion for magnet fishing and uncover hidden treasures together. Global Magnet Fishing Day creates a sense of camaraderie and excitement. 

Making a Positive Impact 

Contribute to a global movement for environmental preservation. By removing debris, we create a cleaner and safer environment. Our actions positively impact aquatic ecosystems.

Thrill of the Hunt

Experience the exhilaration of the hunt as you discover hidden gems. From ancient relics to historical artifacts, Global Magnet Fishing Day promises surprises and unforgettable moments.

Celebrate the wonders beneath the water's surface on Global Magnet Fishing Day. Join us on July 15-16 for an adventure of a lifetime. Together, we can make a difference by preserving our waterways and indulging in the thrill of magnet fishing. Let's create a brighter future for our planet, one magnetic discovery at a time!


  • Larry Magfisher

    I will be fishing in Michigan on the Flat river where a cover bridge burned down. We have long gone road & train bridges in the area to hunt around. Pulling out old RR items, tie plates, spikes & someone I met on a bridge got an old cap & ball musket. Not to mention steel pipe, fishing lures, fishing poles & of course junk…. Nothing like the feeling of knowing you just latched onto something metal. I have found if you look along the edges of old/new bridge pilings. The current makes a low hole where things accumulate. Be careful around metal frame bridges. I got my big Brute stuck on a bridge pulling it up. I bring a 2×4 find a big rock and beat the magnet to the edge where I can pull it off the metal,, oh yeah bring a 5 gallon bucket for treasure! Its a good way to make friends. Everyone wants to see what your up to! Grandkids love it too! Good luck all, Happy GMFD

  • Scott H.

    Very new to Magnet Fishing !!!
    I don’t have a purchased magnet for fishing. I do have a magnet that I believe came from a speaker or piece of industrial equipment. Not sure what it’s from but I will cast it out on Global Magnet Fishing Day July 15-16 !!!
    Hopefully it will stick to some scrap or maybe a few interesting finds !!! Good Luck to all, Happy Fishing !!!

  • Kelly Crabtree

    Hello everyone I am new at magnet fishing and the first magnet I bought was a 2000lb single sided Magnet and the first place I took it to I lost it it got stuck under water and the rope broke and I just had to leave it because it was in winter season then and my life dream is to be able to get a 360degree magnet but I really can’t afford to buy it

  • Hollie Clark (River Runner Magnet Fishing)

    I’m super excited to get out there for the Global Magnet Fishing Day. This will be my second year participating in this amazing day of cleaning up the waterways and getting some awesome treasures. My Brute 360 magnet still does an amazing job at getting anything metal out of the water. I highly recommend it. Thanks Brute Magnetics for the best products out there!

  • 2 Chicks and a Magnet

    We are super excited to be going LIVE on Global Magnet Fishing Day! Our adventures will continue alongside Captain Caylin Burrell with FireLine Fishing as we voyage out onto the Pamlico River, leaving from Washington, NC. More details to come…Cant wait!

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