Fish for Treasure, Clean Up Rivers. Why Not Both?

This World Rivers Day, why not spend some time cleaning up nearby waterways by magnet fishing? Besides allowing others to find hidden treasures while spending time outside and making memories with their loved ones, magnet fishing has a secondary benefit: Cleaning up waterways for a happier environment and healthier ecosystem. 


If you live near or regularly visit any body of water, you know that they often become dumping grounds for all kinds of trash. Metallic trash is often heavier than other types of litter, so it ends up sinking to the bottom of waterways and staying there for months, years, and even decades. These metal objects can infect the nearby wildlife and fish, which then gets turned around and eaten by humans. By using a rare-earth, neodymium magnet to fish these ferrous materials from the water, you could be doing your part to leave nature better than you found it, keep the wildlife around you safer, and maybe even make a bit of extra money. With one magnet, your day on the water can be fun, environmentally friendly, and profitable!  


A common perk of magnet fishing is the joy of taking scrap metal to the recycling center and coming back a little richer. With the prices of metal (and everything else) constantly on the rise, why not try your hand this fall at making a few bucks and ridding the water near you of rusty tools, rebar, and other miscellaneous items.  


Next time you’re enjoying a day out on the water, think about the debris and pollution-causing materials you could pull in and potentially protect nature from. Any bit of ferrous material pulled from a river, ocean, lake, or stream is one less that ends up harming the environment. As always, if you pull in anything noteworthy that you’d like to share, tag us on Instagram! We love to see our customers making a difference, wherever and however they choose to fish. Happy World Rivers Day! 


Happy fishing,  


The Brute Magnetics Team  

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