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    Check out our selection of back to school items! Fishing Magnets perfect for children and beginners, and our back to school accessories.
    6 products
    Brute Magnetics, 12 Brushed Nickel Magnetic Push Pins
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    12 Magnetic Push Pins
    Brute Magnetics, Pastel Magnetic Push Pins
    Brute Magnetics, Pastel Magnetic Push Pins
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    Magnetic Push Pins (50 or 100 pack)
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    from $41.99
    575 lb Single Sided Bundle
    Brute Magnetics, Brute Box 575 lb Magnet Fishing Kit | Includes Case, Rope, Gloves, Carabiner
    Brute Magnetics, 575 lb Magnet with threadlocker
    575 lb Brute Box Kit
    575 lb Single Sided Magnet
    from $8.99 Regular price $12.99 Save 31%
    Double Braided ¼” rope (65 ft)
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