Your Results: You’re a Newbie Fisher!

Based on your feedback, you’re new to the sport. This is a good thing! Magnet fishing is a great way to get outside, clean up local waterways, and pull in some underwater treasure.

Since you may be wondering where to start in terms of gear, we recommend the 1200-lb Brute Box Kit. We also provided additional options below.

1200 lb Brute Box Kit

1200 lb Brute Box Kit

This box comes with everything you need to start your magnet fishing journey: a single-sided magnet, a sturdy rope, cut-resistant gloves, an aluminum carabiner, and a bottle of threadlocker. Single-sided magnets are made to be dropped into bodies of water (like a claw machine) and lifted back up.
Designed for kids, new fishers, or for anyone who wants a simple introduction to magnet fishing. The 1200-lb Brute Box comes with everything you need for your best day out on the water.

The ultimate all-in-one kit with everything you need to start magnet fishing right away.  This durable waterproof hardshell carrying case includes our flagship 1,200 lb. single-sided magnet (4.72" diameter), threadlocker and 65' of 6mm (1/4") double braided rope with steel locking carabiner, nestled in a custom foam insert. Also included a pair of level 5 cut resistant gloves. Buy now and see what you can discover!

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    Don’t forget to add your grappling hook for better success. It’s compatible with your magnet and helps you get more finds!

    Selecting the Brute Fishing Magnet That's Right for You

    Learn More About Our Magnets

    Single-Sided Magnets

    This style is ideal for fishing from ocean piers, docks, bridges, or boats.

    Single-sided magnets feature a concentrated, single magnetic field at the bottom. Simply drop into a body of water and pull back up for best results.


    Double-Sided Magnets

    Double-sided magnets are built for ultimate versatility. Depending on your preferences, you can use the top mount to fish similarly to a single-sided magnet or use the side mount to “drag” the magnet across a body of water. Double the magnetic sides, double the finds.

    360° Magnets

    360° magnets offer impressive pull force, larger magnetic attraction distance, and a magnetic surface on all sides.

    Expert magnet fishers claim that these magnets have revolutionized their treasure-finding game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    To prolong the life of your magnet, rinse and dry thoroughly after each use. It also doesn't hurt to rinse your ropes and wring them out.

    Do not store anything damp in our airtight cases. This will lead to a corroded magnet, compromised rope, and a smelly airtight case. Due to the abrasive nature of magnet fishing, the surface coating will eventually become scratched, but that will not affect the pull strength of the magnet. To prolong the life of your magnet, consider adding an additional marine protectant or fluid film to help inhibit corrosion.

    If you’re magnet fishing in saltwater, you may want to consider one of our anti-corrosion magnets. These are made with a special stainless casing which makes them corrosion resistant.