Brute Magnetics Magnet Fishing using the Dock Buster 2100 lbs pull force

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Brute Magnetics Grappling hook
magnet fishing grapple hook
Grappling Hook
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Brute Magnetics 1200 lb Pull Force Single Sided Magnet Fishing Brute Box Kit
Brute Box 1200 lb Magnet Fishing Kit | Includes Case, Rope, Carabiner, and Gloves
Heavy Duty Double Braided 1/3” rope, (65 or 100 ft) with Carabiner
from $28.99
Brute Boss Bundle- 360 fishing magnet
Brute Boss bundle includes 8mm double-braided rope, level 5 cut resistant gloves, medium strength threadlocker and aluminum carabiner
Boss 360° Magnet Fishing Bundle | 3500 lb Pull Force
Magnetic push pins
Magnetic push pins
12 Brushed Nickel Magnetic Push Pins