The Countdown to Spring Has Begun

Looking for the right set-up to start the season off strong? Read on to hear our founder Clay’s suggestions on the best magnets for your skill level.

If you are new to magnet fishing, a couple of great beginner choices would be the 575 lb. or 1000 lb. Single Sided Magnets. At 2.95" and 3.54" in diameter, respectively, both are relatively light and easy to manage while still able to grab some great finds. 

For intermediate magnet fishers, our flagship 1200 lb. Single Sided Magnet is an excellent choice. It has a large surface area (4.72") to maximize finds with every sweep. For those who prefer a double-sided magnet, the 1700 lb. is the way to go. Double-sided magnets are a little easier to drag back in, and the magnet face is always aiming down. The Battler 360° is another great intermediate option. 360° magnets attract from all sides as well as from a greater distance, and they hold tightly to whatever treasure they find! 

Advanced magnet fishers often choose the strongest magnet options available (Wildebeest or Boss). The Boss 360° is my favorite. Attracting from a distance 200% greater than standard fishing magnets makes the Boss especially fruitful in searches. It’s not uncommon for it to bring up multiple items in a single toss.

Perhaps not as well-known are our clamp magnets. Available in three sizes, there is a clamp magnet for every skill level. I'm often asked the difference between the clamp, the double-sided, and the 360°. While both the clamp and double-sided pull from two sides, the clamp is one very thick magnet unlike a standard double-sided magnet, which houses two magnets within a common casing. In that regard, it is more similar to the 360°. Our 3500 lb. Clamp Magnet is a beast of a magnet. A picture (or, in this case, video) is worth 1,000 words. Check out our good friend and YouTuber, Richard Rice’s video to see why clamp magnets are a great choice.

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