Which Magnet is Right for You?

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Not sure where to start with magnet fishing or what magnet is right for you? A fishing magnet and a rope is the short answer. We always recommend taking cut-resistant gloves (included in our bundles and kits) and an extra rope or grappling hook to help with big finds. The type of magnet depends on how much you think you can throw and where you will be magnet fishing. We always recommend taking our quiz for extra help. 

Types of Magnets: 

Single Sided Magnets: 

This style is ideal for ocean piers, lake docks, bridges, and boats.
Features a concentrated, single magnetic field at the bottom.
Works best when dropped into a body of water and lifted back up.


Double Sided Magnets:

With two magnetic sides, our Double Sided magnet is known for its versatility.
Use the top mount to function as a single-sided magnet or use the side mount to toss and drag across the bottom of the body of water.


360 Degrees:

360° magnets give magnet fishers the biggest chance of pulling in their finds as all sides are magnetic and have 200%+ increase in magnetic attraction distance. Our expert magnet fishers claim this style has revolutionized the game.

Clamp Magnets:

Each clamp magnet is constructed using a top-notch, single-sided neodymium magnet surrounded by a steel case. This design provides a larger magnetic field, allowing users to attract objects faster, easier, from farther away, and from every side. Perfect for dragging through water.


Pull Force:

It's essential to consider your own strength and safety when choosing a magnet. A stronger magnet will generally have a greater pull force, but it also requires more strength to throw in the water. A lower pull force is easier to throw but not as strong as some of our bigger magnets. For optimal you want something strong enough to pick up the finds but light enough to throw over and over again. 


We always recommend buying a bundle or kit to get started. You will get a magnet, gloves, rope and kits come with a case.  





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  • Tony Shell

    Article helped answer several questions i had.
    Still trying to take the quiz though. 🤔

    By the way. Since have been reading about magnet fishing and member of George and Shannon group here in U.S. have NEVER read a bad comment about your product. This day and age that really says something. 👍🏆

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