Why Do I Want a 360 Degree Fishing Magnet?

by Clay Copeland


Brut Magnetics 360 Degree Boss Bundle

Back in October 2021, we launched our newest magnet: The Brute Boss. Expert magnet fishers had been asking for a 360 degree magnet and we knew it was important to get it right. We sold out of our pilot order, fast, and have been getting great feedback ever since. I'm excited to say that the Boss is officially back in stock and shipping now.

Before I dive into what makes the Boss special, here's a little bit of behind the scenes magnet science for context:

We use neodymium in all of our fishing magnets, because it's pound-for-pound the most powerful naturally occurring magnet material you can get. 

From there, a magnet's function, or how well it performs, is directly related to how thick the magnet is. 

A wide, but relatively thin neodymium magnet will offer a very high breakaway strength and can lift heavy objects. But a thinner magnet will need to be very close (almost touching) before it "sticks" to the item. It's also relatively easy to remove a thin magnet from an item. (If you've ever gotten something stuck to a find, the key term here is RELATIVE, trust me!) 

So, an extra-thick neodymium magnet performs better in three key ways:

  • It attracts items from further away.
  • It holds the items more firmly (it's harder for them to detach from the magnet).
  • It attracts finds from the top, bottom, and all 360 degrees of the magnet's side. 

What's so special about the Brute Boss?

Brute Boss - The Fishers

With the Boss, we increased the thickness (versus one of our standard single-sided magnets) 10 times. 

Neodymium is more like a ceramic than a metal, so it needs to be handled with care and protected. We countersunk the magnet on both ends so you can flip it over inside the protective steel casing to extend the lifespan of the magnet. 

In our testing we saw over 200% better attraction distances than the same-diameter single-sided magnet (that's the distance from which it'll grab a find). 

The Stainless steel case fits like a glove and is designed to give your fishing magnet the maximum protection from corrosion & rust. 

Because this magnet is so strong, we've swapped out our usual carabiner for an aluminum (non-magnetic) locking carabiner in the Brute Boss Bundle

This is a great magnet for experts, but please use caution and care when handling! 

Warning: This Magnet REALLY Sticks

Want to know just how strong the Brute Boss is? It's got the longest attraction range in our catalog. In fact, it's got so much pulling power, it got stuck to the side of our magnet testing machine and it took two adults (with some support from two more adults) to get it removed safely. 

Use caution while handling this magnet and be sure to keep it away from other magnets and magnetic surfaces while it's out of the package. Store it in the provided foam and box to prevent it from getting stuck to shelves, cars, and other metal materials.

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