Cut Resistant Gloves

Brute Magnetics, Cut Resistant Gloves
Brute Magnetics, Cut Resistant Gloves Holding Sharp Object
Brute Magnetics, Cut Resistant Gloves top down view with packaging
Brute Magnetics, Cut Resistant Gloves | View of palm side of gloves
Brute Magnetics, Cut Resistant Gloves | holding screw
Brute Magnetics, Cut Resistant Gloves Thumbs Up

Cut Resistant Gloves

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  • Ultra-resistant, high performance HPPE fabric
  • Use with all Brute Magnets
  • Gloves
  • 3 oz
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The Brute Magnetics coated work gloves offers premium protection for your hands from rope burns, glass, and rusted or sharp edges while magnet fishing. They're also lightweight and snug for total movement and dexterity needed to remove small objects from your magnets. 

Made with ultra-resistant, high performance HPPE fabrics, these gloves will ensure superior blade cut and abrasion resistance without compromising comfort and dexterity. They are partially coated with a textured protective layer of sanded nitrile for a superior grip in wet and dry applications. Simultaneously, the non-coated, textile section on the back of the glove facilitates cooling and air flow to improve flexibility and preserve breathability. The enhanced grip and flexibility provided by the nitrile coating, and the superior protection from the HPPE fiber give this glove the ideal combination of comfort, functionality, and protection.

  • ANSI Level 5 cut resistance protection keeps you safe from sharp edges and tools
  • Technical fibers knitted throughout means a snug comfortable fit that resists cuts, punctures and abrasion
  • Machine washable for multi-use

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