Brute Boss Magnet Fishing Bundle | 360 Degrees Neodymium Reversible Magnet, 65 ft Rope, Aluminum Carabiner, Threadlocker, Gloves

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Brute Boss is one solid, high-performance reversible neodymium magnet producing an incredible 360 degree pulling capability. Bundle includes 8mm (1/3”) rope, cut-resistant gloves, aluminum carabiner, and threadlocker.

  • Stainless steel case fits like a glove and is designed to give your fishing magnet the maximum protection
  • 200%+ increase in distance compared to the same size diameter single-sided magnet
  • Comes with cut-resistant gloves, 65ft of heavy-duty double-braided 1/3” rope, aluminum carabiner, and thread locker. Everything you need for the perfect day magnet fishing
  • Recommend for the most experienced Magnet Fishers. Caution must be taken when handling this magnet as it’s far stronger than the average fishing magnet on the market and can cause harm if mishandled

Magnet Specifications:

  • 90mm diameter
  • 50mm magnet thickness
  • M10 eyelet
  • Magnet weight: 5.8lb
  • Approximate combined pulling force is 3,500lb
  • Direct pulling force of 434lb

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