Battler 360° 1500 lb Bundle

Battler 360° 1500 lb Bundle

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  • Magnet Type: 360
  • Pull Force: 1,500 Lbs (combined); 225 Lbs (direct)
  • Includes: Eyebolt, 6ml bottle of Threadlocker, Rope, Gloves, Carabiner
  • Weight: 5.52 Lbs
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
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Meet the Battler. A powerful, innovative magnet with a significant 360 degrees of magnetic attraction and a pull force of 1500 pounds. The Battler is the medium-sized offering in the 360 magnet line and is designed to be one of our most versatile magnets. With a pull force of 1500 pounds and a 2.2-pound total weight, the Battler is sure to get a lot of use.

The Battler 360 bundle comes with threadlocker, 65 ft rope, cut-resistant gloves, and steel carabiner to ensure you have all of the tools for a day of magnet fishing. Magnet fish with confidence at every level.

Brute Magnetics products are rigorously tested and expertly crafted for quality, performance, and precision by a small team of magnet fishing enthusiasts. We don’t compromise on quality because you don’t compromise on performance.

      Magnet Care & Help

      For additional informations and help go to our buying guide or take our Quiz.

      Choosing a magnet is different for everyone based on where you plan to Magnet Fish, how experienced you are and budget. Take our Magnet Fishing Quiz or check out our Buying Guide for help. Or feel free to email us!

      To prolong the life of your magnet, rinse and dry thoroughly after each use. It also
      doesn't hurt to rinse your ropes and wring them out. 

      Do not store anything damp in our airtight cases. This will lead to a corroded magnet, compromised rope and a smelly airtight case. 

      Due to the abrasive nature of magnet fishing, the surface coating will eventually become scratched, but that will not affect the pull strength of the magnet. To prolong the life of your magnet, consider adding an additional marine protectant or fluid film to help inhibit corrosion. 

      If you’re magnet fishing in saltwater you may want to consider one of our anti-corrosion magnets. These are made with a special stainless casing which makes them corrosion resistant.

      Although it has the appearance of solid metal, neodymium actually behaves more like a ceramic and can crack/chip. Do not use in shallow or rocky waters.  Consider our anti-collision magnets if you target these areas. WE ARE UNABLE TO REPLACE MAGNETS WHICH CHIP OR CRACK DURING USE, AS THIS IS AN INHERENT RISK OF MAGNET FISHING.

      Heat above 160° F can permanently demagnetize your magnet.

      Large magnets have a very strong attractive force and improper handling could cause severe pinching/crushing injury. Use caution!

      Neodymium magnets are not toys. Keep away from children.

      Pacemakers and other sensitive electronics can be adversely affected by strong magnetic fields. If you wear a pacemaker, do not handle strong magnets.

      If you are using magnets to hang heavy objects, choose a weight rating that greatly exceeds the object to the hung. Our weight ratings are based on ideal conditions. Surface conditions and metal thickness greatly affect magnet capacity.

      Breaking strength of our double-braided ropes:

      Paracord : 649 LBS

      ¼” : 1,680 LBS

      ⅓” : 3,840 LBS 

      0.40” : 5,680 LBS

      These breaking strengths are with a direct pull, no bends, kinks or other loops. All kits ship with rope that is sufficiently strong for the magnet when held under its own power.  When magnets are wedged and require mechanical assistance to break free it is possible the force needed exceeds the breaking strength.  It is best to exhaust all avenues of recovery prior to using mechanical force due to the potential for the rope to break. Shop our Ropes Collection.

      It's not unusual for your magnet to get stuck; sometimes on a heavy object (like a metal pier column) or wedged between some rocks. When this happens, try these solutions; 

      Try pulling firmly and steadily but not with all your might to assess if you're freeing it or making it worse. 

      Pull from different angles (for example, the other end of the pier or the opposite side of the boat launch.) 

      Put a lot of slack in your rope and let the current (if there is one) work for you, moving your line into a new position. 

      If it’s safe and you can swim, go in after it! Some snorkeling gear will make this a fun and relatively effortless endeavor. You can actually pull yourself down the line directly to the magnet to visually assess the situation and free your magnet or you can stay on the surface and swim your line over and then past the point of hang up and free it from a different vantage point. 

      If all else fails, you might try a more aggressive approach with a bumper winch or come along. But beware, this can possibly stretch your rope to the breaking point.

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      James L.
      United States United States

      So far so good.

      Only been out once. Got a bunch of small stuff and one small fishing pole. Magnet didn’t take any damage yet and there were some rocks around. Overall a fun day with the kid.

      David B.
      United States United States

      Great lightweight designed Magnet

      It really grabs. Its not to heavy to throw but it is really good magnet. Just be careful of them bridges , its hard to get off anything it grabs onto.

      Johnny T.


      The best magnet by far ! Very satisfied, from a double sided magnet to this one you so if you want more finds this one will most definitely do it ! Thank you !

      Johnny T.


      The best magnet by far ! Very satisfied, from a double sided magnet to this one you so if you want more finds this one will most definitely do it ! Thank you !

      Mari P.

      Highly recommended!

      When this magnet attaches to something it’s on there. I love it!!!

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