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Heavy Duty Double Braided  1/3” nylon rope, (65 feet)

Heavy Duty Double Braided 1/3” nylon rope, (65 feet)

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This extra heavy duty rope is our strongest available and ideal for magnet fishing with our larger magnets. Eight inner strands make it exceptionally strong for its weight and size. Save time and frustration trying to tie the perfect knot - comes with the end sewn, looped with plastic thimble, and heat shrink tubing to keep it from coming undone.  High quality carabiner, rated to 5600 lbs is included with the rope.


  • Double Braided Nylon
  • 3,800 lb Breaking Strength (Safe working load: 1,250lbs)
  • 1/3" diameter (8mm)
  • 8 inner strands
  • Rot and UV Fading Resistant
  • Not suitable for climbing

This rope will not fit in the Brute Boxes.

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